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Recent News


E-Commerce Security


In today’s challenging virtual world, implementing secure solutions for ecommerce “card-not-present” (CNP) transactions is not optional.

PayVas introduces the Modirum systems to help the Issuers, Acquirers and Processors address the security threats that continue to emerge and give cardholders and merchants the confidence to securely conduct their payment transactions.

Customer Controlled Security



PayVas presents Tranwall, a system that puts the Cardholder in control of its cards and accounts and defeats all the new fraud trends such as hacking, swiping and Identity Theft.

Tranwall is a modern and trendy feature, easy to understand and uses the customers’ mobile phone.
The customer contributes to keeping his money safe.

Value Added Solutions


Card platforms increase profitability, customer loyalty, transparency, auditability and accountability.

PayVas has partnered with best in class software and hardware solution providers and industry leaders and has packaged complete end-to-end cash-displacement solutions to address the needs of Governments, Banks and Financial Institutions, Retail, Petrol, Transportation, Healthcare as well as other sectors.

Something About Us

Our clients comprise International Card schemes, Banks, Financial Institutions and Processors, predominantly in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Please contact us to get a list of our customers

Case Studies


Diesel Card Management Group

Fuel theft within the road transport industry is claimed at 20% of all diesel purchased. Fuel cards in South Africa are Debit cards valid only at refilling stations by restricting their use to specific merchant category


First City Monument Bank PLC (FCMB)

The Nigerian banking code as mandated by the Central Bank of Nigeria requires all banks to provide their cardholders with the ability to control what type of transactions* are permitted** on their cards


Neo Africa

During the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup hosted in South Africa, tourists required a safe, simple and convenient way to pay merchants without exposing themselves to fraud. NeoAfrica event card, a prepaid MasterCard product backed by Tutuka and Standard Bank


New Bank

The Namibian banking market is growing and innovative products are beginning to emerge. Namibian bank accounts are subjected to monthly account fees, and credit card accounts are subjected to annual fees*. The concept of free banking in Namibia is presently non-existent.